Bruges – Ghent – Brussels

I want to start off by saying that Ghent reminds me of Italy – perhaps it’s the Catholic influences in Flanders through the centuries, the churches and Gothic buildings, the cobblestone streets (straats) – perhaps it is the love of food and good company that provides the warmth I remember of Italia. Whatever the reasons, I feel more at home and in my element in Belgium than in London.

Maybe it was those tall ceilings in the Faja Lobi B&B possibly the unique terrace views, whatever it was, Ghent has my heart. I will definitely be back.










 My first night was awesome! It started with the taxi from Gint-St. Pieters. My taxi driver was named Mari (pronounced Mar-ee).



 Bruxelles Midi Train Station has lockers! This means I could store my luggage while I explored. I dared not go out of the terminal, however, because I had to take some time for a café and a croissant and to update my blog. I also did not have the energy or time to explore Brussels as I felt, so I will put this city on hold for another trip.

You can’t sit long before someone comes up to panhandle. I thought giving a few coins would dismiss her, but she proceeded to sit right next to me and she wreaked of urine. Thinking she may move on after counting her bounty, I was dismayed that she called over a fellow panhandler to commence in a drawn-out conversation. I could not stand the smell any longer and moved outside for some fresh air.

Bruxelles Midi Station
Bruxelles Midi Station

Quit London – Arrived in Ghent

I just got final grades posted from St. Pancreas in London this morning, so I haven’t had a chance to get photos and stories together, however, I have been diligently writing them down and can finally – officially begin to relax and enjoy my wonderful vacation. the Eurostar train was perfectly comfortable and quick. Local train to Ghent was a challenge, vow to shed some luggage here.

I am breathing in the city of Ghent (Gent, Gand). I absolutely have a couple of stories and videos to post about my train trip and arrival.

           Ghent Train Station was very welcoming – my Taxi driver had a NY accent and was a great conversationalist. He wants to move back to the states and teach youth sports. More than anything he was excited for Ghent to beat Bruges in the upcoming soccer final on Thursday the 21, which I was going to miss. If they won, it would be the first time ever! ‘Go Ghent’!