Gelato outside of Italia???

Well, I have yet to really find a good authentic gelato in Phoenix since living in Italy – but here in Notting Hill, I recommend Zaza. They have a few around London as well. Good after a day of touring, and it felt a bit like Italy as there was an Italian family speaking at the next table.

When in London – Fish and Chips

I watched a Rick Steves tourism video awhile back and remember his recommendation for Fish and Chips here in Notting Hill. The Fish House of Notting Hill (see tripadvisor review here) – was so much more than expected. I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful service (try their ‘homemade tartar sauce’ it’s awesome), the large amount of fish and chips (similar to steak fries in America) and the obligatory ‘salt and vinegar’ were all delicious and authentic to London. I did opt for the ‘onion’ flavored vinegar, but it was just as pleasing – no ketchup for this girl. I had the cod, which was enormous! I didn’t think I could finish it, but this was so very tasty with its batter-fried goodness, I ate every bite. 


I promised my dad to do a chip, frite comparison once in Belgium. Cheers!