Girona and Figueres

If you don’t know about these Catalonian towns north of Barcelona, you should. Most Roman settlements in Spain start here and contain some of the original Roman roads through them.  

Girona sports a Roman wall with several medieval churches. It leads a tour through many centuries of architecture and cultures.


Figueres is where Dalí grew up, in a wealthy family. This town is one of the places Dalí built a casa for his beloved Gala. Our tour guide was very informative about Dalí’s work and life. I can’t express my excitement to discover many of this artist’s previously unknown works. Works such as his rocks in historical figurative compositions, his jewelry designs, and of course, the sculptures. He was the Renaissance man to Surrealism – I have a greater appreciation for his work and life.


Both of these towns reminded me of living in Italy – the small cobblestone streets, surprises at every turn, and the quiet, reserved nature they convey.

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