London Missives II

Notes to self – always check for appropriate hair products – especially when traveling to somewhere humid. The chances you will find something comparable to what you have at home – or at a reasonable price is slim – even in London (although they did carry Burts Bees and Jason’s products). I had to get some type of leave in conditioner, so I came upon a nice organic hydrating day cream for – wait for it – £13.50 (approx.$22) – for an 8oz tube. This stuff better work miracles! 

Some Great SITES –  

Big Ben and Houses of Parlaiment – and the crowds

Peence do NOT make cents ( or sense)
Leonardo’s “Virgin on the Rocks”
Free Concert – warm up rehearsal was Fantastic!!
   Great Britain has some wonderful art, historical museums, and nice pubs. The downfall was in London where 70% are not English (albeit English speakers). It is a metropolis. So as I have said before, I really didn’t get a feeling for English culture until I left the city proper. Everyone is in a hurry to get to and from somewhere (work, I presume), and according to the many conversations I had with Londoners, it is not only expensive but outrageously so.

I tried to compare it to California prices, but this is New York City standards of living. It boggles the mind how many people will never be able to afford much more than a studio flat 100m by 100m.


Me and Big Ben
View from above – East end London
Festival for peace – Mandala Sidwalk
 In the London Eye Experience near the Queen’s Jubilee building, there was a Mandala painting being executed in front of my eyes – apparently Deepak Chopra was going to speak during this festival.  I wasn’t able to make it, but considering the turmoil in Tibet, all proceeds were going to help earthquake victims.

Leaving London

My taxi driver was from Iran. When he found out I was American, he apologized that I probably hated him (it made me wonder what is being told to the Persian people about us). I said I had nothing against Iranians, or anyone for that matter, and he said I had such a good energy to be able to start his day and thanked me for the open conversation. It went much deeper than that, but kind of gets off topic for this blog.

He did explain the pricing system for the Zones around London – for everything be it rent, food, etc. Zones 1-2 are most expensive and 6 is the least. I was told the taxi would take credit cards, but he did not, so the kind man watched my bags while I found an ATM – London is expensive, if I haven’t said many times before. Next time I visit, I will stay in the countryside. I was glad I only stayed 4 days.

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