Last Night’s Fare

I always try to find at least one good local restaurant/pub/eatery when I travel, for those days that you just need a good meal without the fanfare. The Prince Edward Pub was not to disappoint.

Full of locals and not so locals, this was such a treat. I had the Steak and Ale pie with some amazing carrots and parsnips done just the way I do them – al dente.


The gravy and mashed was exquisite as well. I paired it with a nice Tempranillo red. But the food wasn’t the best part! Two of the bar staff are from Madrid and Italy. Virginia is from Madrid, and she was most helpful and I promised to return to pick her brain for some fun places to go there at the end of the month. Bon Apetite!

Trafalgar Square – could be Times Square

I went down to the National Portrait Gallery and they had a great Late Evening flute and harp recital as well as an interactive ‘sketching’ table where you could get supplies and sketch the masterpieces. Seeing as I am a tad jet-lagged, I opted to observe and listen – What a treat.

I think the real treat was stepping out onto Trafalgar Square where numerous performers were gathering crowds. I stopped to take a couple of pics where they were renovating or building a stage

And I heard ‘Ice Ice Baby’, which brought a smile to my face. But as I was heading back I heard this familiar song…. I will post the video later – all I can say is I forgot I was in London for a sec there until I looked up

Then when Jason Mraz started, I was smitten.

Here’s what I am packing…

        I was able to pack for 2.5 weeks, 5 cities, 4 countries with a small checked suitcase, briefcase/bag and backpack carry-on. This was most difficult, but it can be done. I will be shedding some older clothes along the way – I have a feeling.

Packing and Repacking, then Packing again

One of the most frustrating things I have found in my travels is my ability to have all the ‘just in cases’ and carrying them around the whole time – only not to need them. I decided this trip was going to be different….

I packed (too many options), pared down (still too many) and repacked. For two and a half weeks, I have plenty of clothes, but I am not going to be in any one city for more than 4 days – this means I will probably have to do laundry.
I also want to make sure to have the right apparel for some of the culinary adventures I have planned – so dressing up is going to be a necessity.

First I made a list of all the ‘layer-able’ clothing I would need for 5 days (including my flight over). I narrowed it down to 3 pairs of crop pants, 1 pair of shorts, 3 dresses, and multiple tops/tank tops (3 tanks, 4 shirts, 3 t-shirts). I am also taking 1 pair of jeans in case of inclimate weather. Extra clothing was eliminated – like the additional 2 dresses, 3 t-shirts, and 2 shorts.

Now I am going to be near a beach at the end of my trip, so a bathing suit is necessary, and I suggest packing extra night clothes, socks, and undergarments if you aren’t doing laundry (but I am, so I limited it to a week’s worth).

I have had to pack and re-pack about 5-7 times to get it right – and I probably have at least one more time before leaving – I did put my journals, books and maps in my checked bag (other than the first city’s), and packed extra clothes in my carry-on.
My toiletry bag is also in my checked bag – it’s kind of big, and I may rethink that as well – I will keep you all up to date on if this works and take some photos of the packing final too!