Bruges – Ghent – Brussels

I want to start off by saying that Ghent reminds me of Italy – perhaps it’s the Catholic influences in Flanders through the centuries, the churches and Gothic buildings, the cobblestone streets (straats) – perhaps it is the love of food and good company that provides the warmth I remember of Italia. Whatever the reasons, I feel more at home and in my element in Belgium than in London.

Maybe it was those tall ceilings in the Faja Lobi B&B possibly the unique terrace views, whatever it was, Ghent has my heart. I will definitely be back.










 My first night was awesome! It started with the taxi from Gint-St. Pieters. My taxi driver was named Mari (pronounced Mar-ee).



 Bruxelles Midi Train Station has lockers! This means I could store my luggage while I explored. I dared not go out of the terminal, however, because I had to take some time for a café and a croissant and to update my blog. I also did not have the energy or time to explore Brussels as I felt, so I will put this city on hold for another trip.

You can’t sit long before someone comes up to panhandle. I thought giving a few coins would dismiss her, but she proceeded to sit right next to me and she wreaked of urine. Thinking she may move on after counting her bounty, I was dismayed that she called over a fellow panhandler to commence in a drawn-out conversation. I could not stand the smell any longer and moved outside for some fresh air.

Bruxelles Midi Station
Bruxelles Midi Station